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Durban Chicken Curry

Durban Chicken Curry is a pungent dish comprised of chicken simmered in a spicy sauce.

Wishing You a Tasty Festive Christmas!

On the back of the gift tray their are some recipe suggestions and food pairing ideas, to get you started.

Malaysian Long Pepper Lemon Chicken

Turmeric, lemons and spicy long peppers make beautiful companions in this easy oven roasted sheet pan meal.

Spice Inspired

Expand your spice collection and enjoy some of the greatest spices sourced from around the world, bringing you spice blends from different cuisines and cultures, not often found on the high street. We stock a wide range of spice sets, from barbecue spices and chilli spices to exotic African spices, Deep South spices and more. You’re sure to be inspired by our delicious spice collection. 

Our extensive collection of spice sets, meat rubs, seasonings, salt and peppercorns, and gin botanicals have been carefully selected to give you a punch of flavour. We do not compromise on the quality of taste or gift presentation, making it the ultimate foodie gift. Shop with confidence and cook delicious meals with these easy to use spice blends and seasonings. Enjoy fresh tasty spices presented in high-quality gift sets, tantalise those taste buds today, they will thank you.