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Spice Inspired is about celebrating spices across a range of cuisines and cultures, bringing richness and flavour, creating exciting layers of flavour and new sensations.

We bring the whole spice experience as a Gifting range, offering selection boxes of various spices with food pairing ideas, to set you on your way.  We make it easy for you so you can create a delicious meal any night of the week!

Our Story

With years of experience in procurement for large corporations it was time to change my passion into my dream. Spice Inspired was born in 2017 and has been an exciting ‘spicy’ journey. I love beautiful things and spice so why not do both?! Everyone deserves great gifts that can be trusted on quality and we don’t compromise in taste or presentation.

Top chefs only use the finest ingredients and we believe everyone deserves great tasting spices, often not found in the high street. Spice gift selection sets is a ‘gift that keeps on giving’, not only in the taste department but the opportunity to try out new spices and recipes from around the world. We offer a versatile range that adds culinary magic to any dish.

All our products are 100% recyclable, reusable and we minimise waste in our operations. Over 80% of the herbs and spices are procured from source and aimed at growing sustainable farming practices and supporting local communities.

Should you have any questions or would like any recipe ideas, please drop me an email and will be happy to respond.

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