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African Spirit | Collection of 8 Traditional African Spices

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EXPERIENCE THE AFRICAN FLAVOUR EXPLOSION - Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of African cuisine with our Premium Connoisseur African Spirit Spice Collection. Just like the vibrant hues of Africa, our carefully curated spices bring an unexpected twist to traditional dishes, promising a culinary journey filled with bold tastes, hearty flavours, and vibrant aromas.

Indulge in the unique assortment of our original African spices seasoning set, featuring some of the continent's most beloved spices:

  1. Durban Curry - A celebration of authentic curry, renowned for its complex piquancy and aroma influenced by Indian migrants 150 years ago, delivering a burst of traditional flavour.

  2. Jozi Chakalaka - Unleash the unique South African spice mix, perfect for flavouring sauces or relishes served with grilled or stewed meats.

  3. Savannah Grasslands - Revel in the fusion of tangy lemon, wild garlic, and fresh parsley, true African favourites that add zest to any dish.

  4. Ethiopian Berbere - Embark on a fiery and vibrant journey with this all-purpose spice blend, a cornerstone in North-African cuisine.

  5. Tanzanian Pilau - Experience the harmony of five distinct spices with a dominant clove undertone, perfect for hearty one-pot meals or Pilau Masala rice dishes.

  6. Kenyan Kuku Paka Curry - Dive into the coconut-based chicken curry with Arabic, Indian, and African influences, characterized by smoky flavours from char-grilling the chicken.

  7. Mozambican Peri Peri - Spice up your dishes with this East-African and Portuguese-inspired blend featuring the devilish African Birds Eye Chilli, ideal for poultry cooked over an open flame.

  8. Kalahari Smoke Salt - Elevate your dishes with this natural, unrefined, sun-dried salt from an ancient salt pan, naturally smoked for a decadent smoky flavour profile.

Each spice comes with recipe ideas printed on the box, offering simple food pairing suggestions to set you on a culinary adventure.

PURE AND NATURAL GOODNESS - Our spices are 100% natural, free from artificial flavourings and colorants, with no added MSG or preservatives. They are non-irradiated, non-GMO, and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Africa with every spice-packed bite.



  • In honour of Africa's embattled rhino and inspired by this gentle giant the gift tray is beautifully designed in a slide gift tray with foiled detail.
  • Spices stored in glass test tubes to keep the spices fresher for longer
  • The gift set is put into an airsac (surrounds the product with air) and then into an outer carton to prevent damage during courier service.
  • Store spices in carton which slides easily into your spice cupboard - no more spice mayhem.


  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use over a steaming pot to keep the spices nice and dry


  • 8 Glass tubes
  • Aluminium lids
  • Foiled printed detail
  • Display Window
  • Dimensions: 178x26x171mm
  • Net Weight: 223gm
  • Shelf Life 24 months