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Pepper Trade | Collection of 8 Peppercorns | World Selection

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Each type of pepper in this exceptional collection brings its own unique taste, creating the perfect seasoning for your culinary creations. Peppercorns, being a complex spice, showcase variations from different plants, coarseness of grind, and time of cultivation. Unlock the best flavours by grinding or cracking these peppercorns just before use.

Embark on a unique culinary journey with this set of 8 extraordinary peppercorns, offering a spectrum from subtle delicacy to a savoury pepper punch. Hailing from unusual places around the world, each peppercorn contributes to a distinctive and memorable culinary experience.

The spice set includes:

  1. Malaysian Long Spice: A musky heat tempered by sweet notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. Perfect for enhancing the flavours of meats and vegetables.

  2. Vietnamese Black: Large in size with a powerful flavour punch and hints of citrus when cracked open. Versatile and adds a delightful aroma to every dish.

  3. Sarawak White: A milder aroma than regular pepper, ideal for delicate sauces and a unique twist to your culinary creations.

  4. Chinese Szechuan: Exhibits a spicy, woody aroma with a tingly numbing taste. An essential ingredient in Chinese Five Spice powder.

  5. Indian Green: Piquant and fresh with a bright aroma. Coarsely grind over smoked salmon for an intriguing twist.

  6. Tropical Blend: A mixture of black, green, white pepper, and pimento (allspice) that livens up everyday cooking by adding heat, colour, and spice.

  7. Brazilian Pink: Used in peppercorn blends or on its own to lend an aromatic, resinous flavour to delicate cream sauces or seafood.

  8. Rainbow Blend: A harmonious mix of black, green, white, and pink peppercorns, combining all the flavour elements to enhance your favourite savoury dishes.

Revolutionize your culinary creations with this premium peppercorn selection that promises an explosion of flavours in every bite! 

100% NATURAL GOODNESS - No artificial flavourings and colourants. No added MSG or preservatives. Non-irradiated and non-GMO. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.



  • Iconic peppercorns not commonly found on the high street, a foodie delight and  beautifully designed in a slide gift tray with foiled detail.
  • Spices stored in glass test tubes to keep the spices fresher for longer
  • The gift set is put into an airsac (surrounds the product with air) and then into an outer carton to prevent damage during courier service.
  • Store spices in carton which slides easily into your spice cupboard - no more spice mayhem.


  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use over a steaming pot to keep the spices nice and dry


  • 8 Glass tubes
  • Aluminium lids
  • Foiled printed detail
  • Display Window
  • Dimensions: 178x26x171mm
  • Net Weight: 137gm
  • Shelf Life 24 months