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Pizza Stone Set | BBQ grill and Oven use | Rectangle

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The Rectangle BKC Pizza Stone allowing you to create stone backed BBQ pizza’s or mini bakery in your pizza or kitchen oven. Made from a premium grade of Cordierite that is durable and able to withstand extremely high temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius.

BKC pizza stones spread heat evenly when baking so that your pizza, bread or pastry is golden brown and crisp throughout.

A BKC Pizza Stone Set offers you the best tools for making delicious, pizza, bread, cookies or pastry.
This set includes:

  • a cordierite pizza stone
  • a pizza paddle,
  • a wire rack to assist with lifting the pizza stone
  • and a recipe manual to give you all of the information you need for making perfect pizza.

It's important to allow the dough to proof fully - prepare the dough the day before for best results.

Pre-heat the oven and slowly heat the pizza stone so that thermal shock to the stone is prevented. It's really important that the pizza stone is very hot before your pizza goes in - Please be very careful when you come to transferring the pizza into the oven and wear oven gloves.

When preparing a pizza, sprinkle a mixture of coarse semolina and plain flour onto the paddle (for easy sliding of pizza) and add your pizza toppings quickly and transfer to pizza oven and cook for approx.. 10 minutes. .

Please note, it's quite normal for the pizza stone to stain. It's a sign of maturing and your pizzas will taste even better over time as the pizza stone becomes seasoned - Never wash the pizza stone with any detergents and never clean your pizza stone with steel wool or other metal abrasive cleaners.

Once the pizza stone has fully cooled down in the oven you can remove it and wipe it down with a damp cloth, please don't submerge it fully into water. It should only be used again once you're sure it's moisture-free.


38CM X 30.5CM X 1.5MM

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