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Art of Tea | Tea Selection Box | Premium Collection

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Choose a tea that suits your mood! This Premium Quality selection box is beautifully presented ready for you to make the perfect cuppa tea, every-time.  Tea leaves are stored in the quirky glass test tubes keeping it fresher for longer.

Enjoy some delicious blends from around the world and find the perfect one for you today.

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea.” – Bernard-Paul Heroux.

This hearty tea selection contains:

Darjeeling: Rich, earthy flavour. Slightly bitter. Calms the mind and body, this unique blend guarantees an exotic taste.

Jade Mountain: Fresh, earthy flavour. Slightly bitter, herbaceous notes. An excellent example of a superior quality Taiwanese oolong, low to moderate caffeine with a light pale gold colour.

Genmaicha: Fresh, nutty, earthy flavour.  Low in caffeine and the perfect tea to drink all day and has impressive health benefits in every cup such as reduce blood sugar and helps you relax and concentrate.

Earl Grey: Rich, earthy flavour with distinctive bergamot notes, the main ingredient that has natural aromatherapy properties to ease stress and calm the brain.  A cuppa just before bed also can help you to fall asleep.

Blood Orange: Rich, earthy, orange flavour. A great alternative to black and green teas which also boosts immunity and prevents disease. A lovely fresh flavour. <br>

Green Rooibos: Fresh, earthy flavour. Slightly bitter, herbaceous notes. Low in tannins and Free from Caffeine and Oxalic Acid. It has anti-diabetic properties and helps lower high blood sugar.

Vanilla Rooibos: Sweet vanilla, aromatic, distinctive rooibos flavour.  Has all the rooibos beneficial properties but the Vanilla flavour is a great choice for anyone who craves a little sweet something before bed.

Kenya Malaika: Rich, earthy flavour. Slightly bitter. The purple pigment in the leaf allow it to be super high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants provide anti-cancer benefits, improved vision, lower cholesterol, increased metabolism, and anti aging properties.

To make the perfect cuppa tea each and every time always use freshly drawn (filtered if possible) water as tea loves oxygen as it helps the flavour develop.  Fill the kettle for the right amount of fresh water needed (saving power too) for an oxygenated tea that tastes divine, your well-deserved brew.  Now sit back and enjoy your tea.