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Salt Of The Earth | Collection of 10 Gourmet Finishing Salts | World Selection

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FOR THE SALT OF THE EARTH CONNOISSEUR. Gourmet artisan finishing salts sourced from ancient sea salts, underground brine lakes to salt pans from around the world. Each salt has with its own distinct flavour and texture:

10 Unusual Salts:

Himalayan Pink Salt | Peruvian Inca Salt| Persian Blue Salt | South African Caviar Salt |  Dead Sea Salt | Rocky Mountain Salt | Kalahari Desert Salt | Atlantic Smoked Salt |  Indian Kala Namak Salt | Cypriot Flake Salt

Presented in Glass Test Tubes in a Beautifully Packaged Hand Wrapped tray and printed sleeve with Elegant Foil detailing. Each salt has recipe ideas that are printed on the box with recommendations on which foods best suited to bring out the flavour.