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Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

£8.99 GBP

Ultra-High Heat Resistant Gloves - Our bbq oven gloves are made with aramid fibres, a heavy-duty material known for its extremely high melting point. These heat gloves can withstand up to 800°C and can protect you while grilling, baking, or cooking.

Secured Grip - Unlike a standard bbq mitt, each bbq glove has separate slots for your fingers lined with food-grade silicone strips on both sides. It's safe for direct contact with food & ensures that you won't drop scalding hot dishes or cookware.

Comfortable Barbecue Gloves - While most heat resistant oven gloves are stiff, heavy, or scratchy, ours has a breathable cotton inner lining with quick-wicking properties. Guarantees a pleasant feel even when used during summer or inside hot ovens.

Universal BBQ Heat Gloves - Can be used on either hand and offers a snug fit for most male & female users. These heat resistant bbq gloves are flexible enough for mobility and have long cuffs to protect your forearms when reaching deep in the oven.