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Cold Smoker Generator

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This compact BBQ smoker box makes it easy for anyone to prepare produce without a bulky smokehouse or expensive BBQ smoker. Fill the BBQ smoker box with wood chips and herbs to slowly bring smoky flavours to salmon, bacon, vegetables, cheese and more. Compatible with most closed grills, it works great as a BBQ smoke box for kettle, charcoal and gas grills. Our food-safe smokers have rust-resistant properties for long-term use and also include a handy brush for easy cleaning.

Smokey Flavours - The metal mesh design of the smoker tray promotes even and steady combustion of wood chips to produce cold smoke for up to 10 hours. This maze smoker lasts longer than tube and pellet smokers for stronger flavours and longer shelf life.

Versatile Uses - Compact and inexpensive alternative to add a smoky flavour to meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. Our cold smoke generator works well over most lidded outdoor grills, including charcoal, kettle and gas grills.

Perfect Gift - This cold smoker kit is a thoughtful gift for any chef, hunter, fisherman or bbq pit master to discover a unique method of curing products. Comes with four S-hooks for quick installation and can be used with oak, apple, maple or other wood chips to suit different tastes.

Premium Quality - The metal maze of our durable wooden smoke box is constructed with a stainless-steel mesh and is safe for repeated use. Includes a handy cleaning brush to remove stuck-on wood chips.